Bruce Bryans is a successful author and courtship researcher with numerous best-selling books that have helped thousands of men and women improve their value as romantic partners. After writing for various online publications on the topics of dating and relationships, he ran a successful romance and attraction advice website where his insightful articles and newsletters helped improve people’s love lives one-by-one.

Years later, Bruce decided to focus his time and efforts on writing and publishing books with easy-to-implement, practical information that had the potential to reach, and therefore help more people. While he doesn’t consider himself the all-knowing “Yoda” of relationships, he still enjoys sharing the triumphs (and failures) of his love life with anyone who enjoys a good laugh or a life lesson.

When he isn’t tucked away in some corner writing a literary masterpiece (or so he thinks), Bruce spends most of his time engaged in manly hobbies or being a romantic nuisance to the love of his life.