Most of my time is spent researching complex subjects regarding human courtship and distilling these findings into practical, easy-to-implement information. This means I do not have the time nor interest for certain projects and business opportunities.

The following are a list of things I am not interested in:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Interview opportunities
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Affiliate marketing offers

Of course, if you have a comment, suggestion, or business-related inquiry, you can contact me by e-mail using the address below:


If you do have a business or collaboration inquiry, please be aware that I will only respond to offers that are a good fit for my current projects.

Rights Inquiries

For foreign rights and sub-rights acquisition information, please click here.

Coaching & Personal Advice

Personal relationship advice, when administered by email, can be easily misinterpreted and therefore potentially ineffective for the recipient. Because of this, I do not answer questions about personal relationship situations.

I also do not administer marriage advice and instead recommend speaking with a professional, licensed marriage counselor or therapist.